Style by Two

Style By Two was born out of necessity for creative freedom. It was incredibly difficult to find a fitting place as multiracial Jamaican Americans in the entertainment industry at the time and we found the only way to achieve artistic fulfillment was to start a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog. Over the past four years Style By Two Blog has grown to the point of 5K unique monthly visitors, over 9k followers on Instagram, and 29k views on their YouTube Channel. The objective went from self-expression without the limitation of people designating labels to something much more profound. Due to the lack of representation of Caribbean people in media our cultural identity became the greatest source of inspiration. It has become imperative to work with Caribbean brands so that they receive the credit they fully deserve and in turn reap the benefits. Caribbean Fashion Week, Tnemnroda, and Plum Flower Creations are among some of the most recent collaborations. Major influencers are capitalizing off of Caribbean arts and intellect to create and make a living yet have no concept of the history behind it. Our job is to build a certain level of awareness and shed light on where these ideas come from and the significance of understanding it. There is a hunger for West Indian and Caribbean voices out there and we intend to help actualize more unity and support for underrepresented creatives like ourselves.