CHANNEL 153 - myKEEtv Jamaica Set to Debut on Cable November 20

LA’s First Caribbean TV Channel Set to Launch in June

myKEEtv  Launches Cable TV Channel in Jamaica

LOS ANGELES (May 17, 2017) --- The Caribbean community will secure its place in Hollywood with the official launch of the first Caribbean TV channel in Los Angeles. myKEEtvJA cable channel will feature content produced in Los Angeles and will air in Jamaica. The station officially launched on June 2, 2017 at myKEEtv’s Caribbean Sunset Mixer in Hollywood.

myKEEtvJA will air on one of Jamaica’s longest-running cable TV operators. The channel is an extension of myKEEtvLA (Los Angeles) digital Caribbean TV network and will feature variety entertainment programs.

“We are creating a platform for content creators and filmmakers to showcase their work. The myKEEtv brand is synonymous with high quality content productions so now we are expanding our portfolio to include other content creators who understand the significance of maintaining the integrity of that brand for the Caribbean community,” according to Wendy Marie, co-creator and executive producer at myKEEtv.

According to the company’s executive producer, “Caribbean people are defined by the stories we tell the world about our cultures and customs, therefore, it is our responsibility to be authentic and accurate in our depictions. We occupy significant seats in society, however, we do not often see those roles portrayed in media. Some of the most influential people across the globe are of Caribbean roots. We want to ensure that they are recognized in such capacities. We want to highlight the contributions of exemplary individuals of Caribbean heritage so our young people can see role models in our citizens.”

Damian Christie, the company’s co-creator and director maintains, “Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world; therefore, we have access to the technical resources needed to

produce industry quality shows. We plan to take full advantage of this unique opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities in television production and secure our position in Hollywood.”

myKEEtv is already expanding its content window to include traditional TV. The company is now working with CaribVision Cable TV channel in the Caribbean. myKEEtv produces the Entertainment beat Hollywood, a weekly entertainment magazine show that airs on CaribVision in more than 20 territories in the Caribbean, USA, UK & Canada.

“Our agreement with CaribVision is significant because it represents the type of community networking needed to strengthen the Caribbean as a region. We must work together and rid ourselves of the individualistic mentality so we can make an indomitable mark on the world,” says the executive producer.

The company will make additional announcements about the TV channel and air dates soon. The Hollywood launch will kicked off Caribbean American Heritage Month celebrations in Los Angeles.