myKEEtv Los Angeles 

A warm Caribbean welcome to myKEEtv - the heartbeat of the Caribbean in Hollywood. myKEEtv is the premier Caribbean TV and Magazine in the Western United States. The company recently acquired a new cable tv channel in Jamaica. This year, myKEEtv Jamaica is set to air in Jamaica. 

At myKEEtv, we introduce you to a rarely seen side of the Caribbean. We tell stories that highlight the multifaceted abilities of Caribbean people. myKEEtv's founders are Caribbean nationals living in Los Angeles.

At the helm of our team are our founders, Wendy & Damian Christie. They were both born on the island of Jamaica. Wendy is a journalist and college educator in Los Angeles. Damian, a former banker is also a cinematographer who brings more than 20 years of media production experience to the myKEEtv team.   We produce TV & digital content that combine vibrant Caribbean cultures with Hollywood glamour. Our portfolio includes a digital magazine, original scripted TV shows, exclusive interviews and a wide variety of programs. 

The company made its online debut as Karibbean Expressions Magazine on November 20, 2009. Following the success of the magazine, the entity expanded its reach to include an online TV Network called myKEEtv. The Los Angeles based Caribbean media group presents a fresh innovative way of telling authentic Caribbean stories. 

We operate under the philosophy of "Be the change you want to see" ( author unknown) and aim to  redefine perceptions about the Caribbean. The region is more than just sand and sea, music and athletes -it is a reservoir of talent and an ocean of artistic excellence.  Our vision is to create a Caribbean media platform that is of the same calibre of major TV networks..

Our motto, “myKEEtv a fi all a we!" embodies the spirit of the network – it is for everyone. While we provide a platform for the Caribbean community, we have an all-inclusive approach to TV entertainment.   Plus, Caribbean nationals are deeply entrenched in various aspects of international communities from Hollywood to Holland, Africa to Argentina, Wall Street to Washington; we’ve made significant contributions to the global marketplace. We are audience members and actors, sprinters and spectators, poets and politicians and our programs reflect the multi-faceted characteristics of the Caribbean people. So, whether you are from the Caribbean or a friend of the region, a warm Caribbean welcome to you - say it loud and say it proud– myKEEtv a fiall a we {It's for all of us} – rememba dat!  


Our commitment to serve..

We are dedicated to community service and believe in the significance of giving back.  Each year, we volunteer at various community service organizations.   We invite you to join in this spirit of giving by helping with our efforts or by joining your local community service organizations.  Remember, as we say in the Caribbean “One one cocoa full basket” so let’s make a difference one person at a time.